Fixing the Money Thing

Book Review – Fixing the Money Thing by Gary Keesee


If you have been feeling enslaved, overwhelmed, or discouraged by your financial problems, then this book can help you fix all money related issues. Fixing the Money Thing is a best seller by Gary Keesee that focuses on offering you advice and plans as they seem. There is no beating around the bush, as he walks you through the process in a clear and concise way.

Not only will the book help you fix your financial struggles, in addition, it will help you build a powerful and thriving worldwide ministry. The book will offer you financial freedom, as Keesee shares his own personal journey with you. By using his proven successful principals, you too can set yourself on the right path.

Fixing the Money Thing will help you put a plan in place, and can help you get a debt-free life in seven years. Moreover, this includes your mortgage, which is a complete relief for those buried underpayments. Learn the spiritual laws of God’s Kingdom, and how these principles should be applied. The path to your financial freedom is glowing, and it’s your chance to jump on it and ensure a smooth and well-laid surface for your future.

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